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…because she was being bullied at school.
Initially we started our daughter in your martial arts program because she was being bullied at school. The martial arts program gave her the necessary tools and information that helped her deal with this situation quickly and effectively.  Both of our children belong to the martial arts program and they love to go. It has taught them valuable information that they can use in their everyday life as well as the confidence and strength to strive to get their next belt.  They have a lot of fun while they are there and the best part is they are learning at the same time. 
Sue and Tim Murphy   


Martial Arts offers a very unique & compelling experience
Martial Arts offers a very unique & compelling experience and opportunity, far more substantial than any fitness training on the market today. It offers huge benefits in terms of your physical training, as well as many intangible benefits, such as learning an ancient discipline steeped in culture and philosophy. You feel and learn respect and discipline, and even build mental and spiritual strength. And I started almost five years ago when I was a mere 45 years old, and now I am a black belt candidate at the ripe old age of 50. My wife is also a candidate and both my children are involved. My kids have been taught respect and discipline for those around them and have gained many life benefits, as well as strength and flexibility and most importantly respect, discipline, confidence and courage to deal with undesirable aspects of growing up in this day and age. 

Martial Arts is not for the young, the old, the strong, the weak - it is for all. You train within your own bounds, but your own bounds will soon be exceeded. You will also build deep friendships, camaraderie, and mutual respect that can only be gained from you and all the other students going through the training together. 

If you are tired of running on a treadmill and want to do something completely different, then walk through the front doors, put on a gi and try a class and then another and another....soon you'll be addicted.  
Thank you for running a terrific dojo.
David Newman


The program is excellent for kids of all ages.
It offers great physical exercise but also enhances a child's ability to focus and listen. It teaches respect to others and formality of the art. It also gives parents skills to help mentor their children and help their child diffuse angry moments. It gives parents a certain level of security that their child will learn self defence skills. Parents also interact and socialize while waiting during classes. I would highly recommend the program (and I have!).